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LG T7270TDDL Top-Loading Washing Machine (6.2 kg, Blue white)

LG T7270TDDL Top-Loading Washing Machine (6.2 kg, Blue white)

  • For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call LG support directly on 1800-315-9999 and provide the products model name. Installation charges may be levied by LG. Customers are requested to confirm directly with LG while requesting for a demo/installation.
  • Customers are requested to confirm directly with LG while requesting for a demo/installation
  • Top-loading washing machine
  • 6.2 Kg capacity
  • Features1: Powerful washing with multi water flow and turbo drum
  • Features2: Waterfall circulation and smart filter

Product Description
Product Description

You can end your search to bring a Washing Machine home with Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine model T7070TDDL Top-Loading Washing Machine from LG.

Keep the children safe: LG T7070TDDL comes with inbuilt child lock option keeping both the washing machine and your children safe. The blue white color washing machine has capacity of 6.2 kgs and a digital display that makes the operation easier.

clothes are residue and detergent free with latest technology: The machine runs on 3 steps wash for best results. The technique optimizes the use of detergents while washing and rinsing the clothes. The waterfall movement of water emits even strong currents improving rinsing impact. An anti-bacterial plastic filter is inbuilt in the washing machine which is highly durable and easy to use.

Make your clothes fresh and new after every wash: The turbo drum is a technology that helps in reducing tangling of garments and ensures that clothes stay fresh for longer period. The turbo drum further makes the washing efficient by allowing the drum to move in opposite direction of pulsator. The durability of stainless steel Drum is much longer than conventional plastic ones.

Other features: The Washing Machine comes with digital display and Fuzzy Logic control. There is memory Backup in case of power failure during wash. You can preset the washing machine to start after few hours under the Delay Start option.

Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty

From the Manufacturer
Waterfall Circulation
Improve rinsing effect, Provide circulation of water, various and evenly strong washing currents.

3-Step Wash
3 Step Washing makes the best washing performance with low tangling and is done in three steps. It gives the advantage of hand wash with best use of detergent.

Turbo Drum
The unique technology that knows how to take care of your clothes while giving you the perfect wash. The dual direction rotating drum reduces tangling of clothes which ensures your clothes stay as fresh and new for much longer than ever before. The machine also is now less susceptible to wear and tear giving you a longer life. Turbodrum allows the movement of the drum in the opposite direction of the pulsator, for a doubly-efficient wash action.

Smart Filter
Anti-Bacteria Plastic Filter (Market Best): Durable, Easy to use, Hygienic (Anti-Bacteria), Nice & Compact design.

Stainless Steel Tub
Durable at the core the stainless steel tub in this machine is more durable than plastic, and repels stains and odors.

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