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Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit - 13mm 600w

Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit - 13mm 600w

bosch gsb 600 re

  • Multi-function Drilling machine, to make holes on the wall, concrete, metal, wood, plastic
  • Suitable for professionals & Do-It-Yourself at home and Technicians.
  • Forward / Reverse switch for screw driving work
  • Two way Hammering/drilling mode selector switch
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Double insulation for high safety
  • Speed trigger with electronic control for exact pilot drilling
  • Rotating brush plate for constant power in reverse and forward rotation
  • Auxiliary handle with depth stop for better control

Product Description

Bosch 600 RE is a comprehensive item for your expert and home tasks. Created with an easy to use outline, it enhances your repair and patching undertakings. From penetrating to screwing and unscrewing, this bore is enduring inferable from its intense 600 W engine. So begin with your 600 RE bore and experience quality yield while working with your machine

From the Manufacturer 

Capable engine 

This high effect penetrate keeps running on a solid power framework. With 600 watts of force, it creates a pounding activity of 44,800 blows for every moment, supporting its long life and solid utilization on wood, metal, concrete and plastic.

Lightweight and reduced 

The ideal device you can depend on for all your home repair undertakings, the 600 RE furnishes clients with a motivating force to modify the boring pace as indicated by the surfaces being penetrated on. With a separable handle that accompanies a delicate hold include, this bore guarantees quality yield while chipping away at wooden, metal or steel surfaces.

Multi-work penetrating 

The sledge penetrate chips away at a wide range of surfaces including solid, wood, metal and plastic to bore punctured openings in the size and speed you require, with up to 13 mm in cement and 20 mm in wood. It gives a fast pounding activity which helps you bore professionally in every one of your tasks. Move easily amongst boring and screwdriving modes utilizing the switch on top of the bore. Additionally the speed trigger capacity with electronic control gives you a chance to utilize the item for correct pilot boring.

Forward and turn around capacity 

Complete all screwdriving capacities without hardly lifting a finger because of the turning brush plate in the 600 RE that help with the forward and switch pivot. With this power stuffed apparatus, embed and evacuate nails and attachments with no bothers while working.


Rundown of adornments in the pack

Mix pincers 

A multi-utilize plier that permits you to chip away at wires by bowing, winding and cutting links.

Screwdriver bits 

Bits for all turning related work while screwing and unscrewing nails and attachments into any surface.

Attachment torque 

A device utilized for fixing and extricating nuts.

Measuring tape 

A measuring tape is a gadget which gives exact estimations when dealing with home undertakings in an exceptionally straightforward and simple way.

Paw pound 

This embellishment permits you to both sledge nails into wooden surfaces, and lever it out utilizing the bended hook to pry it out.

Wood boring tools 

These are suitable while taking a shot at wooden surfaces.

Helper handle 

Get a durable and stable hold while boring with a separable handle which can be caught onto the body of the bore, giving you a decent handle while working

Profundity gage 

Gauge the amount you have to penetrate with the profundity gage which gives a precise length to which you have to bore.

Soul level 

The gadget used to uncover if the surface is flawlessly leveled.

Brick work boring apparatus 

These are fitting while taking a shot at solid surfaces.

Metal boring apparatus 

These are fitting while taking a shot at metal surfaces.

Screws and attachments 

Various screws and fittings of various uses and sizes which go about as the fundamental segments in penetrating.

Utility blade 

A multipurpose utility blade that helps you in any cutting related work while dealing with an extensive variety of undertakings.

Nut/screwdriver bit holder 

The tip of the penetrate which holds the different boring tools and screwdriver bits immovably set up.


To wind or haul nuts out.

Key toss 

Embed and evacuate boring tools easily while taking a shot at various surfaces with the key hurl that comes joined to the base of your penetrate.

Affect bore 

A high effect bore that has been made to lift the end client experience and solace.

Extras in the pack 

The unit contains an assistant handle, a profundity gage and a key hurl flawlessly put in a plastic case. It contains a 5 piece brick work bore set with a width scope of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm, 5 metal boring apparatus with a measurement scope of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm and 4 wood boring tools with a distance across scope of 4, 5, 6, 8 mm. The pack likewise includes an arrangement of 10 screwdriver bits, 7 attachment torques, 10 bits of screws and 10 bits of S-Plug. It gives a paw mallet, a measuring tape, a customizable blade, a torque, a soul level and blend forceps. Additionally, the unit incorporates a screwdriver connector to fit the bits and a nut driver connector to fit the attachments with the machine for more sorted out penetrating around your home.

Ventures for changing bits 

Begin by killing the penetrate capacity and utilize the key toss set on the base of the effect bore to unwind the bit holder. Embed the key toss in the openings around the holder to discharge it totally and expel the bit. After this, embed the bit you require to chip away at as profound as could reasonably be expected into the key throw and fix the holder into place to begin penetrating

Running on sledge penetrate mode 

Continue by working with your 600 RE on penetrate mode. Pick a specific speed on the off chance that you wish to work reliably by tapping on the ceaseless bore mode catch on the left surface of the penetrate. This keeps up a speed that will help you accomplish a superbly punctured opening. Another component for dependability while penetrating is the separable stand, which can be held to keep the bore set up to stay away from fatigue. Its delicate grasp and exemplary outline help you work for a considerable length of time easily.

Necessity of profundity gage

Bosch's GSB 600 RE is additionally outfitted with a profundity gage to give a precise measure to the degree you have to bore on a surface. This defends your venture from any harm at first glance you are taking a shot at or even shrouded materials that can obstruct your work.

Control speed with constant bore mode 

The effect bore accompanies an exceptionally advantageous switch which bolts the speed you are chipping away at to guarantee a predictable penetrating background, particularly for amateurs. This little dark switch situated on the left surface of the effect penetrate, simply should be clicked once keeping in mind the end goal to bolt the speed of boring, an element that is extremely useful when you crave a consistent speed while chipping away at ventures.

Simple to utilize handle for agreeable utilize 

Intended to sit serenely in your grasp, the 600 RE accompanies a handle that gives you the flexibility to work advantageously and push free at whatever time, anyplace

Technical Details

Power                                       600 watts
Weight                                       4.8 kg
No Load Speed                       0 - 2800 rpm
Max. Capacity in Wood               25 mm
Max. Capacity in Metal               13 mm
Max. Capacity in Concrete       10 mm
Impact Rate                               0 - 44,800 bmp

Top Customer Reviews
Best all round electronic kit i ever bought in life !!!
By Chandraprakash

Time Taken for Delivery : 1 Day

Fetched while i purchased : 5000 Rs

- - -

In the Box:

- - -

1. Bosch GSB 600 RE Drilling machine

2. Toss Key

3. Full metal with elastic hold pound

4. Blend Plier

5. Movable Open Wrench [6 mm to 15 mm]

6. Assistant handle [for additional support while drilling]

7. Profundity Scale, for joining to the helper handle to restrain the penetrate profundity

8. Measuring metal tape [30 meters]

9. Cutter

10. Given Screws and attachments [Each 10 pieces],

Screws - 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm

Plugs - 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm

11. [Hex Male] to [Hex Female] Drill/attachment/Screw connector

12. Boring apparatus are as beneath, from left to right in box,

Wooden bits - 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm

Brick work bits [Concrete/Wall] - 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm

Metal bits - 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm

13. Attachment bits for driving [bolts/nuts],

Attachment bit sizes gave are,

4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm

14. Screw bits for driving [screws of different heads],

Screw bit sorts gave are as underneath,

PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, S4, S6, H4, H6, T20, T25

- - -


- - -

1. Finish [Drilling/Driving] set for Home, and the nature of the item is best class.

Bosch is to a great degree dependable item, my uncle have a bosch 450 watts demonstrate, which he purchased 10+ years prior, and still now it works like appeal with no issues !!

2. Out of 3 models, [450, 500, 600] Watts, this is the most effective machine, the Bosch GSB 600 Watts RE display.

3. I never at any point thought this could un-drive the to a great degree tight screws/fasteners, which was a truly shock,

To be completely forthright, in the event that you drive the screw sufficiently quick it going to penetrate through the wood totally to another side !!!

The reason this machine can drive and un-drive the screws/fasteners at super tight is on account of, the rpm of this machine is around [2800 rpm/46 rps], which is truly quick.

In any case, i propose, driving/un-driving screws/fasteners at low speed, since you going to hurt your hands if the machine turns or if the screw penetrates through your wood and comes through opposite side :|

Really, i utilize the machine half of time to drive/un-drive stray pieces from my cycle/bicycle/auto, so this is truly a super decent all in one machine to do that, rather than purchasing a super costly Impact electrical torque for >20,000 Rs

4. I can put the Auxiliary handle opposite and can clean my auto super decent without purchasing >5000 Rs Orbital Rotor just which just turns to clean my auto.

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Location: India


  1. Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit - 13mm 600w

  2. Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit - 13mm 600w

  3. I think bosch power tools is india's top power tools company


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