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Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20-Litre 2200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven (Clear)

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20-Litre 2200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven (Clear)

  • 141 insta-cook menus 
  • Blend and preset cooking 
  • Auto assurance &10 control levels 
  • Guarantee: 1 year on item and 3 years on magnetron 
  • Control: 2200 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts 
  • Incorporates: Microwave stove, Glass turn table, Roller ring, Grill stand and User manual with guarantee card

Product Description
From the Manufacturer
  • MultiStage Cooking 
  • Preset Cooking 
  • Express Cooking 
  • Defrost 
  • Youngster Lock 
  • Auto Protection
One of the typical and consistently utilized machines as a part of a cutting edge kitchen, the significance of a microwave broiler can't be questioned. It is one of the utility apparatuses that confer accommodation in our surged way of life, making it an extraordinary expansion to our kitchen. Godrej Gmx 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave is such item from the renowned brand that gives incredible administration and great esteem for your cash.


Godrej Gmx 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave has a volume of 20 liters which is more than adequate for an average size family. The stainless steel stove can warm up sustenance for a medium size family because of the 24.5 cm (dia.) turntable in it that equally warms up nourishment to your prerequisite.

Control Consumption and Design 

The tradition sort microwave stove has a power yield of 2200W and conveys an expedient cooking process. Godrej Gmx 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave has a reflect glass entryway and is produced using great quality stainless steel. Fabricated in an appealing dark shading, this effective microwave stove has a computerized show with consideration dial sort control and a cooking fulfillment pointer. It has a general measurement size of 24.2cm x 45 cm x 32 cm (HxWxD) and weighs 14.4 kg. The total set contains 1 Microwave Oven, 1 Glass Turn Table, 1 Roller Ring and 1 User Manual with Warranty Card.

Speed Cooking and Power levels 

Godrej Gmx 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave is particularly intended to warmth sustenance at a quick rate. The dial sort broiler has a power level of 10 and has conspicuous element like

Express Cooking, Preset Cooking, Combination Cooking and Multi Stage Cooking. Such element gives the client a wide assortment of alternatives to look over and tune their cooking style into a considerably more productive one. It is furnished with 141 auto cooking menus, so you can simply pick the required setting for the sort of sustenance you need to concoct or warm.

Comfort Features and Safety 

The dark broiler has pre-warming and defrosting highlights that warms the sustenance as indicated by the conditions they are in this way keeping up the nutritive estimation of the nourishment. Eat delightful sustenance with the appropriate measure of warmth and appreciate the flavor in all its quintessence. It has an auto assurance framework that cautions and shields the client from any incidents or undesirable impacts.

Cleanliness Features and Maintenance 

You can cook nourishment in the glass plate gave the item and compose the way you cook. Basic and simple to clean, the microwave stove with wellbeing highlights makes keeps up wellbeing and cleanliness of your family

Trusted Brand 

The Godrej Gmx 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave is a trusted item from a rumored brand and accompanies a (1+3 year) 4 year guarantee on the item.

Other Features

140 InstaCook Menus
Combination Cooking
3 Years Warranty on Magnetron
Type: Convection
Capacity: 20 Litres
Auto Cook Menu: 141
Multistage Cooking: Yes
Cavity: Stainless Steel
Power Level: 10
Frequency: 2450 Mhz
Weight: 14.4 Kgs
Defrost: Yes

Top Customer Reviews
Excellent microwave... Bad Godrej Customer service

Microwave searches cool and esteem for cash. Amazon administration is as regular extremely quick. In any case, so far I couldn't utilize it since no professional went to for demo/establishment even in the wake of calling them over and again (5 times). On each call I was informed that an expert will visit you inside 48 hours which was a vacant guarantee. Without demo I can't utilize the microwave as I have never worked a microwave. I have lost my understanding and confidence in Godrej. So chose to return it.


At long last the expert sought demo. It is an incredible microwave.. works fine. So far utilized for warming and once arranged vegetable birayani. Works fine. Be that as it may, be prepared to live with not all that great client administration of Godrej.

Your Search for the best microoven ends here...
By Karan

Hi my kindred customers...

I have been hoping to swap my microwave for quite a while since my old microwave had given me years of administration i needed to purchase a decent item will all components accessible at a decent cost,

At that point i went over this microwave and it ticked all the crates of both in components, looks, and being of a decent renounced organization, But i was somewhat reluctant to purchase this item since i generally imagined that LG and Samsung made the best Microwave broilers , however after much thought i chose to purchase this item under an extraordinary trade plot

Presently I have been widely utilizing this item and here are my perceptions ...


1)Superb outline one of the most attractive microwave stoves in the market

2)Stainless steel complete, (top of the line include) brilliant imperviousness to stains and so on

3) Internal depression completely made of stainless steel (High End Feature) simple to clean

4) Very simple to utilize just a couple catches control all operation rather than a 100 catches

5) Jog Dial (High End Feature) simple to utilize and exceptionally smooth and quick operation

6) Low power utilization yet high on productivity

7) Convection and combi alternative (High End include)

8) Comes with bunches of microwavable dishes (i got a correlative box of dishes)

9) 141 auto cook menu (High End highlight)

10) Excellent cookbook included with it


12) Good form Quality + Trust of a brand like Godrej


In spite of the fact that at the cost and components i ought to be more than fulfilled yet only for data purpose i am posting

1) The show can in some cases be somewhat difficult to peruse amid Bright Daytime

2) There are vents at the top so mind must be taken not to spill anything on top

3) i simply wish the external body could likewise be stainless steel instd of Black

In conclusion on the off chance that you are searching for an attractive solid 20 Liter Microwave stove with all elements at a truly incredible cost,

Believe me



Cheers ;)

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Location: India


  1. Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20-Litre 2200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven (Clear)

  2. Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20-Litre 2200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven (Clear)


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