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Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Black)
 Microwave oven

  • 23 liters limit and reflect glass entryway 
  • Changed convection cooking 
  • Blend cooking (Convection, smaller scale and flame broil) 
  • Stainless steel depression and youngster bolt 
  • 10 auto cook choices and 5 control levels 
  • Overheat and tangible insurance 
  • Defrost work 
  • Guarantee: 2 years on item 
  • Control Consumption: Microwave 1300 watts and Grill 1200 watts; Power yield: 800 watts 
  • Incorporates: Convection microwave broiler, Baking plate, Wire rack, Instruction manual, Customer mind rundown and Warranty card 
  • Establishment and Demo: Free demo will be given by the brand to the microwave stove. No establishment required. For booking a demo, please contact mark client mind at 1800 103 5963/022-41280022 
  • Client Service Number: 18001035963

Product Description

The Morphy Richard 23 liter convection stove has a stainless steel pit, which keeps the insides of the depression without scratch and stain-safe and makes your cleaning procedure speedier. The internal hole is round and with no sharp corners. This outline keeps sustenance particles from collecting in the corners and empowers brisk and effective cleaning.

Morphy Richards 23Litre 23 MCG Convection Microwave Oven is a multi-reason home apparatus that can take into account your cooking needs in the kitchen. In our surged way of life, appropriate sustenance is fundamental and to cook great nutritious nourishment, this valuable microwave stove turns into an incredible sidekick to your day by day needs. Presently you require not overlook nourishment since it is cool; you could simply turn on this straightforward and simple to-utilize microwave stove and cook an assortment of sustenance at a quick pace.
From the Manufacturer

Giving due specify to Morphy Richards Convection Oven's tremendous limit of 23 liters and its unbelievably satisfying cooking pace, it furthermore touches base with 5 influence levels empowering distinctive cooking modes. Various hot focuses and convection cooking are viewpoints that guarantee auspiciousness. Being spoilt for decision, the auto cook alternatives, correctly ten in number, satisfies you with its multifaceted elements. Safe operational measures are sufficient with overheat and tactile insurance considerations. With an outside bragging of a reflect glass entryway, the stove's stainless steel depression guarantees even dissemination of warmth for uniform cooking. It likewise in the interim keeps the insides sans scratch and stain-safe.

With 1300 volts being the normal power utilization in the microwave mode, a yield force of 800W is guaranteed. It expends 1200W in Convection and Grill modes. A high-speed fan flows warmth to a few fourth of the convection broiler, and it additionally involves a wire rack and a preparing plate. The plate's confirmation as to advantageous preparing makes it likewise a sure thing for flame broiling. A cooking caution fills its need by giving consummation alarms when the cooking procedure is finished. Other than the accessibility of the auto-defrost option,features, for example, the kid bolt are favorable position to keep away from superfluous tinkering. Being reasonable yet adorned, institutionalized in wealth, the stove's look after enrolling the straightforward needs one needs to take into account makes it a commendable expansion to your kitchen-set.

Product Features

  • Auto-cook menus inside the grip of a catch are profitable. 
  • Overheat and tangible assurance set up to evade over-cooking. 
  • Cooking consummation alert to monitor the cooking procedure. 
  • Stainless steel cavity guarantees even dissemination of warmth. 
  • Accompanies a limit of 23 liters.

Searching for the most recent scope of convection microwave broiler on the web? Need to heat the yummiest of indulgences for your family? At that point, bring home the Morphy Richards 23 MCG 23-liter convection microwave stove to cook, re-warm and defrost solidified sustenance things rapidly and proficiently. Bound with the best-in-class innovation and inventive elements, this is a decent purchase for all you're heating needs. It consolidates the decency of traditional cooking and the simplicity of cooking with propel innovation. So you can prepare the ordinary way yet influence the new-age microwave innovation.


Morphy Richards 23Litre 23 MCG Convection Microwave Oven has a volume of 23 liters and serves for a moderate size family. The stainless steel broiler can warm up sustenance rapidly on account of the turntable in the apparatus that equally warms up nourishment without over-utilization of force.

Outline and Power Consumption 

Made in an appealing dark shading, this proficient microwave broiler has a LED show with Mechanical handle control. The tradition sort microwave broiler has a power yield of 800W and conveys an expedient cooking process. Morphy Richards 23Litre 23 MCG Convection Microwave Oven has a reflect glass entryway and is produced using great quality stainless steel.

Speed Cooking and Power levels 

Morphy Richards 23Litre 23 MCG Convection Microwave Oven is particularly intended to warmth sustenance at a quick rate and the 10 influence level gives a Combination Cooking of Convection, Micro and Grill. Such element gives the client a wide assortment of choices to browse and tunes their cooking style into a considerably more proficient one. It is furnished with 10 auto cooking menus, so you can simply pick the required setting for the kind of nourishment you need to concoct or warm.

Dynamic Cooking 

Switch on the microwave mode, convection mode or flame broil mode to cook your decision of nourishment. It additionally has fluctuated convection cooking power modes that give the client to alter the temperature according to one's prerequisite.

Accommodation Features 

The dark stove has preheating and defrosting highlights that warm the nourishment as indicated by the conditions they are in hence keeping up the nutritive estimation of the sustenance. Eat delectable nourishment with the perfect measure of warmth and appreciate the flavor in all its quintessence.

Tyke Lock Feature 

The tyke bolt highlight on this sheltered microwave broiler makes it simple for your kids to have a protected domain at home. You can be diminished of the youngsters' impedance with this item as it has an interesting tyke bolt highlight that keeps it bolted regardless of the possibility that they attempt to open it without grown-up supervision

Trusted Brand 

Morphy Richards 23Litre 23 MCG Convection Microwave Oven is a trusted item from a presumed brand and accompanies a 2-year guarantee on the item.

Well-made Mirror Glass Door for Enhanced Visibility 

Cook delectable nourishment with your Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave and check the way your sustenance looks while heating, through its reflected glass entryway. Guarantee that your sustenance is never over prepared. Its stylish glass entryway is agnostically planned and adds to the stylistic theme of your kitchen.

Appreciate Better Functionality with Supporting Accessories 

Bound with a scope of extraordinary elements this Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-liter convection microwave broiler, accompanies a wire rack and a heating plate and has a stainless steel cooking hole. Cook a scope of mouth-watering dishes in this element pressed reasonable convection microwave stove.

Keen Child Lock Function for Added Safety 

Most families have youngsters at home, and they stress over their security. It is safe to say that you are searching for convection microwave stove with kid bolt? This Murphy Richards microwave highlights a durable tyke bolt usefulness. Which is, anything but difficult to-utilize and hard to break, so you can be rest guaranteed about your kid's wellbeing at all times.

Progressed Sensory Protection 

The Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-Liter convection microwave stove comes outfitted with overheat and tangible assurance highlight. This controls the warmth inside the microwave and guarantees that your nourishment is uniformly cooked. So you will never need to manage sustenance that is cooked unevenly.

Ten Auto Cook Menus and Five Different Power Levels for Stress Free Cooking 

Furnished with ten auto cook choices and five diverse influence levels this Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-liter convection microwave broiler guarantees that, your most loved formula is prepared in minutes without bother. It highlights 23 liter of cooking space, which permits you to set up a ton of nourishment at one go, in this manner sparing some time and exertion. Its simple to-utilize defrost work permits you to naturally soften the ice off sustenances without much programming.

Dynamic Combination Cooking Option

The 23 liter microwave stove in polished dark shading, highlights a mix cooking strategy that empowers you to utilize either the microwave mode, convection mode or grille mode to cook your decision of nourishment. The stove additionally has shifted convection cooking power modes that permits you to modify the temperature while cooking your sustenance. It additionally comes, fitted with a stainless steel hole that guarantees uniform cooking and a glass and reflect front entryway that encourages one to see the dish as it is being cooked. Aside from being stacked with a few different components like kid bolt, overheat insurance and a tangible capacity, this microwave broiler additionally has an exceptionally smooth and cutting edge look that makes it a flawless mix of frame and capacity.

Installation And Warranty

Kindly call up the Morphy Richards helpline at 022 - 4128 0022 to inquire about the availability of product demonstration service in your location, the applicable charges and to book the service. Charges, if applicable, need to be paid separately at the time of product demo.

Top Customer Reviews

Good Product at the BEST PRICE......
By Customer

Item is great,  conveyance administration is truly in time. Item works according to rules and works great. The main issue is the microwave capitalized got tiny bit harm while transportation. I think substantial weight products get harm while transportation, and we can't do anything for that, lone can be supplanted or returned.  In any case, leaving that harm thing, item, benefit and cost got the BEST.....

Good for the price
ByAnuj D.

Decent. Useful at the cost. Each capacity of a Microwave is accessible (counting convection, flame broil and blend) with programmed modes (however my potatoes got scorched on the programmed mode!)

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  1. Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

  2. Morphy Richards 23MCG 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Black)


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