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Chicco New Polly 2 in 1 Friends Wood Chair

Chicco New Polly 2 in 1 Friends Wood Chair 

Chicco New Polly 2 in 1 Friends Wood Chair
About the Product
  • The backrest is adjustable to 3 positions and the leg rest can be reclined to allow your child to relax after feeding
  • The frame can be abjusted to 7 different heights to fit any table
  • The food tray can be used as a very practical,small tablemat
  • When closed it occupies very little space
  • Two rear swivel wheels with safety brakes

Product Description

Chicco Polly 2 in 1 is the first highchair that follows baby's growth from 5 months up to 3 years of age. In the first period, Polly is real, comfortable and safe highchair, ideal for the weaning period.

From the Manufacturer
General Instructions

Do not use the high chair until the child can sit up unaided.
This highchair is intended for use for children between 6 and 36 months of age, weighing up to 15 kg.
Ensure that the person using the highchair knows how to use it safely.
Before assembly, check that the product and all it's components have not been damaged during transportation. Should any part be damaged, do not use and keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the highchair if some of its parts are broken, torn or missing.
The highchair must be opened, adjusted and closed only by an adult.
When opening, adjusting or closing the highchair, ensure that your child is at a safe distance. Ensure that during the adjustment operations (reclining the backrest, adjusting the activity tray), the movable parts of the highchair do not come into contact with your child.
Do not use the highchair unless all the parts and components are correctly fitted and adjusted.
Do not use accessories, spare parts, or any component not supplied or approved by the manufacturer, as they may make the highchair unsafe.
Before use, ensure that all the safety devices are correctly fitted and working. In particular, ensure that the highchair is locked in the open position.
Do not leave the child unattended. It could be dangerous.
The use of the safety harness and crotch strap is necessary to guarantee the safety of your child.
The activity tray alone does not guarantee the safety of your child. Always use the safety harness. Make sure that any harness is correctly fitted before use.
The child should at all times wear a safety harness correctly fitted and adjusted.
Always fix the rigid crotch strap to the activity tray before fitting the tray to the Highchair. Once the rigid crotch strap has been fixed, it must never be removed.
Even with the brakes applied, an active child may cause the highchair to “creep” on carpeted surfaces.
Always place the highchair on a horizontal, stable surface. Never place the highchair near stairs or steps.
Do not let other children playing unattended close to the highchair or climb on it.
Do not seat more than one child at a time in the highchair.
Bags or weights must not be placed on the activity tray or hung on the highchair frame, as they might affect the stability of the highchair.
Never use the highchair without its cover.
Always be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires etc. in the vicinity of the high chair.
Do not place the highchair near windows or walls, where strings, curtains or other objects may be used by the child to climb out of the highchair, and to prevent the risk of suffocation and/or chocking.
Do not place the highchair near windows or walls, to prevent the child from affecting the stability of the highchair, making it topple over, by pushing with its feet against the wall.
If the highchair is left exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, allow it to cool before placing your child into it.
Do not leave the highchair under the sun for a long time: prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the fabric cover to fade.
When it is not used, the highchair must be kept away from the reach of children.
When not in use, keep the activity tray out of the reach of children.
Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of the highchair must only be carried out by an adult.


Clean the fabric cover with a soft damp cloth or a neutral detergent. To remove the fabric cover from the highchair repeat, in the reverse order, the operations described to fix the fabric cover to the frame.Clean the plastic parts with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents. If the highchair comes into contact with water, dry the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust.


Keep the highchair in a dry place. To avoid friction that may prevent the correct operation of the Highchair, ensure that all the movable plastic parts located along the metal frame are free from dust, dirt or sand. Lubricate only if necessary, with a light application of a silicone based lubricant between the components.

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