Friday, 18 November 2016

Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft(72*60*5inch)

Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft(72*60*5inch)

  • Mattress Feel : Medium Soft & Medium Firm on opposite sides (Both sides usable)
  • Warranty : 5 Years Manufacturer warranty.
  • Direct from Factory
  • Cover : Premium quality quilted cotton fabric
  • Material Type : High Density Foam.

Product Description
Size:72x60x5 inch
The Dual Comfort Mattress comes with both sides usable surfaces. Opposie surfaces have opposite feel in term of hardness. One being medium firm and other being medium soft - Helps you choose the best sleeping qualities according to individual requirements and changing weather conditions. In hot weather, softer side aides to your sleeping quality. Harder side aids in winters.Over the years, we have spent a ton of time and effort in doing research – both on the product as well as talking to hundreds of customers and even visiting their homes. We figured out that the four major factors essential for a good mattress are: • Durability – higher foam density implies a longer lifetime • Support – firmer the base foam, better is support to the spine • Temperature – bigger the cell size of the foam, better is the air flow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night • Comfort – the lesser the mattress pushes you up when you lie down, better is the comfort going to be All of our R&D has been focused on excelling across these parameters. Add an easily removable and washable outer cover, your mattress will remain fresh for years to come!
Location: India


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