Friday, 18 November 2016

Kent Gold+ 20-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • Color: Aqua Blue
  • Purification by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane
  • Use of nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water
  • Long life membrane expected to last upto 4000 Litre
  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic
  • High base stand enables easy positioning of glass to draw water
  • Ideal for entry level water purifier
  • WQA, USA gold seal certified
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Includes: Water purifier, User manual, Warranty card and Service center details

Product Description

Kent Gold+ is first of its kind gravity water purifier which is based on the superior state-of-the-art UF (Ultra Filtration) technology. It removes harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and cysts, apart from other impurities like dust, sand, chlorine, etc. Infact, it is the only gravity water purifier which is certified to remove cysts. It has an elegant table top design, best fit for Indian homes. It can be placed anywhere on a flat surface and it comes with a high-base stand enabling easy positioning of glass to draw water. Tank-in-Tank configuration ensures that there is no overflow when water is poured into raw water tank even when the purified water tank is full.

From the Manufacturer

Kent Gravity Water Purifiers, based on a multi-stage UF Membrane purification system give you truly pure water and protect your family against water-borne diseases. Their unique UF Membrane pores are so fine, that they do not allow any bacteria or even Cyst to pass through. This makes the drinking water pure without use of any chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine of Iodine.

Kent Gold+
  • Purification stages: Sediment Filter, Nano Silver Activated Carbon Filter, Stainless Steel Screen, UF Membrane.
  • Total storage capacity: 20 liters-Upper Tank capacity: 10 liters-Bottom Tank capacity: 10 liters
  • Membrane Type: Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane.
  • High base stand gives the ease of filling glass directly.
  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable food-grade plastic.

Power of Kent UF Technology
  • Purification by unique UF Membrane. No use of chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine.
  • Not only bacteria, but also removes Cyst, the pathogens which cause water borne diseases.
  • Works on the principle of “Gravity Purification”. Needs no electricity.
  • Saves time, effort and money as no boiling is required.
  • Tap connectivity not required. Can be filled manually.
  • Long life membrane lasting upto 4000 liters.
Technical Specifications
  • Type : UF Storage Water Purifier
  • Dimensions : H540 W360 D380 mm
  • Top Tank Storage Capacity : 10 liters (approx.)
  • Bottom Tank Storage Capacity : 10 liters (approx.)
  • Membrane type : Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
  • Filters: Sediment, Activated Carbon, SS (stainless steel) Screen
  • Expected life of UF Membrane : 4000 liters
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Location: India


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