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Carrier Esko 12K Split AC (1 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White, Copper)

Carrier Esko 12K Split AC (1 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White, Copper)

  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • 1 Year warranty on all functional part of AC other than aesthetic parts (plastic parts)
  • Condenser Type - Copper
  • Auto restart, rotary compressor, copper condenser coil, dust filter
  • Dehumidification, anti-bacteria filter, is fragile
  • Package Contents: IDU, ODU, Inter Connecting Pipe, Remote, Remote holder, 3 Manuals, 2 Batteries

Product Description
Size:1 Ton  |  Configuration:5 Star Rating
With one ton capacity, the Carrier ESKO 12K Split AC comes with a five-star energy efficiency rating and a bunch of features that make it a suitable cooling solution for small-to-medium sized rooms.

Intelligent PM 2.5 filter: Better known as i-PM 2.5, this is a transparent air-filter specifically made for indoor air purification that works by using natural passive ventilation to improve the indoor air quality.

Smart diagnosis: The smart diagnosis function readily identifies even the minutest fault in the AC and turns it off. It also indicates an error or protection code for speedy service.

Refrigerant leakage detector: The AC also has the power to readily identify any leakage of refrigerant and immediately turns off the AC while continuously displaying error or protection code on the display.

Electrostatic carbon filter: There is a specialized filter in the AC that is made of electrostatic fibre and active carbon filter. This efficiently removes most of the dust particles from the air, and prevents the growth of any microbes as well. The active carbon filter deodorizes the whole room while absorbing poisonous gases.

Sleep mode: This is an energy-saving mode that gradually increases the set temperature all through the night to a certain extent. However, the increase in temperature is extremely steady and does not affect the comfort-level of the user.

Auto-restart mode: The AC’s memory retains the setting when the power goes off, once the power is restored, the split AC begins operating with the same settings again. Auto-start mode is especially useful in areas that experience frequent power cuts.

Auto-swing: The auto-swing mode evenly cools the entire room or space by automatically swinging the air deflector.

NexGen dehumidifier: The NexGen dehumidifier reduces the humidity of the room without requiring any temperature change. This not only keeps the user comfortable but also curbs the growth of moulds and mildews to a good extent, specifically those which have the capability of thriving in humid conditions.
Location: India


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