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Whirlpool 205 Genius Cls Plus 4S Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator (190 Ltrs, 4 Star Rating, Black Titanium)

Whirlpool 205 Genius Cls Plus 4S Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator (190 Ltrs, 4 Star Rating, Black Titanium)

  • Installation: Installation is not required for this product since it is a plug-and-play product. In case of any issues, please reach out to us on our Toll Free Number: 1800-3000-9027
  • Direct-cool refrigerator
  • Single door refrigerator; 190 litres capacity
  • 5 years warranty
  • 6th sense quickchill technology
  • 2X faster bottle chilling
  • Makes ice super quick
  • Toughened glass shelves and large crisper
  • Black titanium body
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • 6th Sense Quick Chill Technology

Product Description
Color:Black Titanium

Durable Refrigerator Whirlpool 205 Genius Cls Plus 4S direct-cool single-door Refrigerator has a black titanium body which works well with your kitchen conditions for a number of reasons. Since the refrigerator is quite likely to get stained because of continuous handling, the black colour of this fridge makes the stains or marks invisible thus keeping its appearance as attractive as possible. Further the titanium body of the device looks into the fact that it is durable and does not wear or deform easily. The refrigerator comes with a 4 star rating and an overall 5 year warranty by the manufacturer. Four Side Cooling Technology Whirlpool has employed the four side cooling technology in this refrigerator because of which the device becomes all the more efficient. The four side cooling technology is a very efficient tool to keep the contents inside the fridge intact and in the freshest conditions possible. The four side cooling technology also ensures that the food inside the fridge does not get prone to partial cooling which may further deteriorate its own taste. High storage capacity In order to see that you can pack more in your refrigerator Whirlpool has designed this fridge with a capacity of 190 litres which is enough to accommodate fruits, vegetables and milk products as well as bottles of fruit crushes and pickles. 6th Sense Quick Chill Technology The sixth sense chill technology has been introduced in this fridge considering the requirements of the consumers. This technology makes it possible for you to achieve cooling of water and production of ice at a faster rate. The refrigerator comes equipped with a large crisper and toughened glass shelves which comes in handy if you’re using large water bottles. Carefully browse through the terms and conditions to check if the exchange offer is applicable for your city and location details. You can also check out our buying guide on refrigerators for more clarity. If you have any queries regarding product availability, exchanges or any other issue, feel free to call our dedicated Toll-Free number: 1800-3000-9027 (Available from 8am to 11pm seven days a week).

From the Manufacturer
6th Sense Quick Chill Technology
You will never have to wait for your bottles to chill - thanks to the new Genius range of refrigerators that chills bottles twice as fast. Its 6th Sense QuickChill technology ensures that you never run out of cold beverages for your family making it your perfect companion for summers.

Makes Ice Super Quick
The advanced cooling system and powerful compressor in Whirlpool refrigerators make ice faster than any other products in their class - so that you are never short of ice.

4 Star Rating
Whirlpool Refrigerators with 4 star rating are energy efficient and help you save both electricity and running cost.

Maxx Bottle Storage
2 dedicated door racks chill up to three 2L-bottles and five 1L-bottles and that too, twice as fast as competition.

Toughened Glass Shelves
Extra toughened glass shelves allow you to store large, heavy utensils with ease.

Large Crisper
Vegetable Crisper with Hexafresh Technology maintains optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresher for longer.

Modern Design & Recessed Handle
Modern and contemporary European Design complete with a sleek, recessed handle lends a touch of style to your home.

Spacious Internals
Thoughtfully designed internals maximise storage space and help store large utensils with ease.

Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket
This easy-to-clean removable airtight gasket keeps the door liner clean and prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator keeping your food healthy and hygienic for longer periods.

Stabiliser Free Operation
Whirlpool Refrigerators can stably operate even in high fluctuation of voltage (130V-300V) and do not require a separate stabiliser.

Door Lock
Whirlpool refrigerators are equipped with a sleek flush lock to keep your food safe from naughty kids at home.

Environment Friendly Operation
Whirlpool refrigerators use a new, more environment friendly insulation material called Cyclopentane and a green refrigerant called R600a which results in zero ozone depletion and significant reductions in CO2 emissions.
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