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Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT 3S Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (340 Ltrs, Alfa Steel)

Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT 3S Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (340 Ltrs, Alfa Steel)

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  • Frost-free Double-door refrigerator; 340 litres capacity
  • 3 intellisensors on display panel, on FC and on RC
  • Deep freezer, tower cooling, everyday fresh tray, freshflow flexi-vents and active deo
  • Fruit crisper with microblock
  • UI, side pocket and stabilizer free operation

Product Description

To meet the modern refrigerating demands, the Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT 3S Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (340 litres, Alfa Steel) is the ideal option as it comes with useful features like intelligent sensors on the display panel and Fresh Flow system that gives better refrigerating and keeps your food cold and fresh for a longer duration. Plus, its distinctive look and stylish design suits modern and contemporary kitchens. Intelligent Sensors on Display PanelThe refrigerator comes with intelligent sensors known as intellisensors on the display panel which work as a medium between the user and the internal system of the fridge. There is one intellisensor on the UI on the refrigerator's outer panel, one inside the freezer compartment and one in the refrigerator compartment. All these three intellisensors interact with each other to provide 7 day garden freshness with 35percent better moisture retention, 70percent faster ice making and 80percent faster bottle cooling at minimal energy cost. Fresh Flow System and Large CapacityThis refrigerator comes with a fresh flow system which is effective in maintaining the temperature of the refrigerator in a uniform fashion in every compartment. The fresh flow system uses the fresh air from the surroundings and injects it into the system of the fridge. Because of this, there is no stale air in the device at any point of time and therefore the food also stays fresh and intact. It has vents which are equipped with anti-bacterial filters which prevent the aerial bacteria from entering the internal portion of the refrigerator thus keeping it clean. The capacity of this double-door fridge is very large and therefore the device can accommodate all food items without having to compromise on the space. The capacity of 340 litres means that beverages, water bottles, jams, pickles, milk products as well as fruits and vegetables can be stored in the fridge efficiently. Stabilizer Free OperationThis refrigerator has been designed to work in such a manner that it can take on large voltage fluctuations and can still be unharmed. It comes with a voltage range of 130 volts to 300 volts, thus it doesn't require a stabilizer. Deep Freeze and Air TowerThe deep freezer of this Refrigerator reaches low temperatures with minimum energy consumption. The air tower has strategically placed vents that let out cool fresh air to different sections of the refrigerator and ensures that there is uniform cooling all around. With all these features, this appliance is an ideal option for dealing with your daily refrigerating demands. Carefully browse through the terms and conditions to check if the exchange offer is applicable for your city and location details. You can also check out our buying guide on refrigerators for more clarity. 

From the Manufacturer
6th Sense Intellifresh Technology
Its 3 IntelliSensors – one on the UI on the refrigerator's outer panel, one inside the freezer compartment and one in the refrigerator compartment, interact with each other to provide 7 day^ garden freshness with 35%^ better moisture retention, 70%^ faster ice making & 80%^ faster bottle cooling at lowest energy cost.

Deep Freeze
Reaches coldest temperature with minimum energy consumption*.

Chilling Gel
Store cool air which is released during powercuts.

Air Tower
The scientifically designed air tower has strategically placed vents that let out cool fresh air to different sections of the refrigerator so that there is uniform cooling all around.

Fresh Flow Flexi-Vents with Anti-Bacterial Filters
Strategically placed vents that let out cool and fresh air into different sections of the refrigerator.

Active Deo
Integrated at the bottom of the Freshflow air tower, the effective anti-odour action of Active Deo keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odour-free.

Everyday Fresh
With the easy glide movement of the "Everyday Fresh" tray, accessing things even at the back and the corner becomes quick and easy.

7 Days Garden Fresh Vegetable Crisper
Keeps your vegetables fresh and healthy for up to 7 Days*.

Reduces oxidation to maintain original freshness.

Fresh-N-Sort Criper Seperator
Now small vegetables will never get lost inside the refrigerators- thanks to the mini crisper. The fresh-n-sort that fits perfectly inside the vegetable crisper not only gives you easy access to small veggies but also acts as a crisper separator.

Fruit Crisper
A section that lets you keep fruits away from the other food items, and make sure that odours do not mix.

MicroBlock in Fruit Crisper
The unique storage space created for fruits comes with a Microblock that prevents upto 99.9% bacterial growth for product lifetime. Mixed in during a product’s manufacturing process, our antimicrobial additives operate on the cellular level to continuously disrupt and prevent uncontrolled growth of the microorganism. Simultaneously, the separate zone for your fruits prevents odour mixing between fruits and vegetables. This ensures you have the healthiest and the most hygienic environment for your fruits and vegetables to stay.

Vegetable Crisper
India’s only easy access vegetable crisper with Microblock technology that prevents 99.9% bacterial growth and keeps the freshness of your fruits intact for upto 7 days.

Ice Twister & Collector
A box placed below the ice twister used to collect the ice & take it out in easy twist action.

Stabiliser Free Operation
Stabilizer free operation for assured reliability and ensured safetly.

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